Jennifer Key

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by Jennifer Key

Winner of the 2012 Tampa Review Prize, Jennifer Key takes the title of her first book of poetry from the nickname for the state of Virginia, but she extends the evocative phrase to reflect her complex understanding of domination and dominion in a multi-layered cultural context. The Old Dominion speaks to us with exceptional, insistent images and ideas. Her poems develop into intricate thematic relationships in a gorgeous debut collection.
The Old Dominion by Jennifer Key Cover

Ronald Wallace says...

In language eloquent and precise, these elegiac and lyrical poems illumine the landscapes of loss and the permanence of desire in a transitory world, embracing both the leavings and retrievings that can efface and grace our lives. Although it may well be true, as Key writes in “Still Life with Jackie O,” that “Perfection pleases us. We pick it over happiness,” there is no need to pick here: these perfect lucent poems will make any reader happy. It’s a beautiful, beautiful book.
Ronald Wallace
Halls-Bascom Professor of English;
Felix Pollak Professor of Poetry
University of Wisconsin